Travelling To Guyana

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When travelling to Guyana, the following information is important for you to have:


The official language is English often spoken with a dialect.

Guyana is 4 hours behind GMT and 1 hour ahead of EST.

Guyana’s climate is equitorial; hot but pleasant for most of the year.The temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degree centigrade. The heat is not felt as the sea breeze cause a coolong effect. Basically, yhere are two wet seasons; from May and June and from December to January.

Below is the approx exchange rate for the guayna dollar. Please check with a bank for current exchange rate.

  • 1 US ~ 200 Guy
  • 1 Pound ~ 365 Guy
  • 1 Euro ~ 265 Guy
  • 1 Canadian ~ 200 Guy

Credit Card
Major credit cards and travellers cheques are accepted by hotels, restaurants, groceries, car rental companies tour operators and other facilites and services.

Driving or riding in Guyana are done on the left lane unlike the US where its done on the right lane.For Visitors to drive in Guynaa, they must obtain drivers permit which is issued by the Inland Revenue Department. The permit is valid for 30-days and required that you have a a valid driver’s license or an international driver’s license when applying. Wearing your seat belt when driving is a traffic law.

The voltage in Guyana is 110/240 volts, 50-60 cycles. Most computer device and cell phone use this voltage rate.


Bleow is a list of radio/TV and Newspaper outlet in Guyana:

  • Radio: Voice of Guyana (VOG) and 98.1 Hot FM
  • TV: NCN 11, CNS 6, HJTV 21, MTV 14, HGPTV 9
  • Print: Guyana Chronicle, Kaieteur News, Guyana Times, Stabroek News

As with travelling to any foreign country, we advise you to be mindful when you are in unfmilar terriority. It’s advisable to always take a reputable tour guide when going to tour sites in Guyana.

Departure Tax
After visting Guyana, when leaving, there is an exit tax. The amount is GYD$4000 (~USD$20). You will pay this at Cheddi Jagan Airport. You will need to pay this tax at the airport near the check-in counter.

Emergency Numbers
Below are the emergency #s in Guyana:

  • Police -911
  • Fire -912
  • Ambulance -913
  • The telephone directory assistance is – 092

When travelling to Guyana, there is a risk of being exposed to malaria in certain parts of the interior. It is advisable to consult a doctor for the required precautions if you intend to travel.

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