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People Of Guyana

Guyana consists of the following six ethnic groups, and is normally referred to as the “Land of Six People.

East Indians
The East Indians are the largest ethnic group in Guyana. East Indians are of Indian descendants of indentured laborers from India.
They were brought from India, that was then British India, to Guyana, called British Guiana then.
They were primarily brought to work in sugar cane plantations after the abolition of slavery in the year 1833.The majority of the East Indians in Guyana are Hindus, though the percentage of Christians and Muslims are increasing. Most of the East Indians are thought to be originally from the area of Uttar Pradesh, Calcutta and Madras.The major holiday celebrated by the East Indians are; Holi, Deepavali and Indian Immigration Day (Rama Khan Day) celebrated on 5 May each year. Rama and Khan were the first two Indian nationals that arrived in British Guiana. East Indians represent about 40-50 % of the population

The Afro-Guyanese makes up about 30-40 % of the population. They originally came to Guyana as slave to work in the colonies. After the full emancipation in 1838 the Afro-Guyanese refused to work for wages, and many scattered into the bush. This forced many plantations to close or consolidate. This was the beginning of import of indentured laborers from India. Over the years, like Eat Indians, they continue to work in the agricultural and other industries in Guyana and have made significant contribution to the development of Guyana.

Indigenous People of Guyana
They are known as the Amerindians and makes up ~ 7 % of the population. They are believed to be the first settlers of Guyana. They mostly live almost themselves and not the main population and live in the coastal and interior groups. They are mainly made up of Warao (Warrau), the Arawak, and the Carib. To this day they continue to own lands informally throughout Guyana’s interior. They continue to practice their way of living and original lifestyle.

White, Chinese and Mix
The Chinese account for ~ 7 % of the population. The came as either traders or as indentured laborers. The Europeans were either traders or remnants of the colonialism population. The mix sometime call the mulattoes are a mix of Indian and African or African and European.

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